Designer creating new versions of Raspberry Pi

The $35 mini-Linux computer is off to a great start and its designer plans for more.
Written by David Meyer, Contributor on

Raspberry Pi (Credit: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Raspberry hardware designer Pete Lomas syas the current $35 credit-card sized Linux computer could get a RAM boost. The 'Model B' that is currently on sale has just 256MB of onboard memory.

"We are looking at the possibility of a Model B+ with additional RAM, but the costs do not look promising and unless we really run out of space for the cool stuff people want to do then it will be a while," Lomas said in a Q&A published on Wednesday.

There is already a second version of the Raspberry Pi in the works, the 'Model A', but that iteration will have half the RAM of the Model B, which is one reason it will cost an even-cheaper $25.

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