Designer turns tubes into trains, trucks, but not trash

Tubes Toys introduces kids to the concept of creative reuse at an early age.

London-based product designer Oscar Diaz knows that kids are as likely to play with a toy's packaging as they are to play with the actual toy. So he designed Tube Toys such that they won't even have to choose one over the other.

The toys, which range from a fire truck to a train to a tractor, are packaged in tubes that hold the wheels, accessories and labels needed to complete the trucks. They require some assembly (that's part of the fun, no?) and then, presto: from tube to truck.

The only piece that is discarded after assembly is the paper label outside the tube, and all of the components are recyclable or made of recycled materials. Tube Toys are becoming available commercially later this month for about $16, reports Gizmodo.

When it comes to designing innovative, cute, fun and useful toys, Diaz is on a roll. His Count and Learn puzzle uses color and numbers to help kids learn to count. And his stencil set Hungry Animals introduces kids to art and some (totally screwy and not at all possible) predatory/prey concepts.

Via: Gizmodo

Images: Oscar Diaz Studio

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