Desktop storage hits a new low... price

How do these prices grab you?$249 for 500GB$449 for 800GB$499 for 1TB$999 for 1.
Written by Marc Orchant, Contributor

How do these prices grab you?

  • $249 for 500GB
  • $449 for 800GB
  • $499 for 1TB
  • $999 for 1.5TB

Yes... you read that correctly. A terabyte of storage for around five hundred bucks. That's what Buffalo Technology's new Drivestation Duo line will offer according to an article today from eWEEK. FireWire and USB connectivity. RAID and automatic backup software included. Synchronized power up and down with the PC. Security locking built right in.


Back in the day, I spent more than this for a 20 MB serial hard drive (yes twenty megabyte) for my Mac 512K. 

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