Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Coming to the Mac soon

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" - headed to the Mac.

"Mac" and "gaming" used to be two words that you rarely saw next to one another, but as Macs increase in popularity, game developers are seeing them as a platform worth developing for. One of the big games of 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 has been "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" - and it's now headed to the Mac.

This news in from Feral Interactive:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released in Winter 2011/12, and the Feral minisite will be fully enhanced at the end of October 2011. The Feral surgeons are still fine-tuning the game's cybernetic upgrades, but we'll send out a transmission as soon as the robotic limbs are working properly and a definite release date is in sight.

Pricing and system requirements will be released later this year.

Has the Mac finally become a proper gaming platform, or does it still lag behind the PC and consoles?

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