Devices with 'moronic limitations'

The problem with these limitations in iOS devices is that I feel that the limitations are deliberate and that Apple wants to sell me a decent product, but over a number of upgrades.

The other day my ZDNet blogging colleague David Gewirtz posted a tip on how to improve the iPhone battery life 'by, like, a billion percent' (I think Gewirtz might be exaggerating just a little ...). But in that post Gewirtz mentioned how 'Apple products tend to have some sort of moronic limitation that's completely insurmountable.' I agree.

Let's look at just a few of these 'moronic limitations.' With Apple working on iOS 5, who knows, some of our wishes might come true.

Moronic Limitation #1 - Notifications

The way that iOS handles notifications is completely and utterly broken. You get one notification at a time and when you dismiss it, it's gone. They're a throwback from when users experienced very few iOS notifications, but as more and more apps use notifications, the system has become totally useless.

Those who jailbreak their iOS devices can get their hands on a tweak that makes their life a lot easier, and I can't for the life of me understand why Apple hasn't come up with something better than a modal dialog box to display information to the user.

Moronic Limitation #2 - Switching Bluetooth on/off

Why on earth does switching Bluetooth on/off need to be such an expedition? Seriously, I have to go to Settings > General > Bluetooth and then flip the slider.


I can't have a button or a frickin' app that does that because this feature isn't part of the public API. Why? No idea.

Moronic Limitation #3 - Why can't I delete unwanted Apple apps?

Why does Apple not allow us to delete unwanted Apple apps? For example, I have a notes app, a weather app, a stocks app and a calculator app THAT I NEVER USE! Why can't I delete these unwanted apps, or at the very least delete the icons so they don't have to take up screen space? OK, I know why I can't delete these - it's because of Apple's control-freakery.

Moronic Limitation #4 - Renaming app/changing icons

Again, why can't I customize icons and change the names of apps? They're MY apps!

Moronic Limitation #5 - Multitasking

Apple claims that iOS does multitasking, but in reality all iOS really does is save the state of most apps. This isn't true multitasking.

I wonder how many of these will be 'fixed' come iOS 5? Or iPhone 5/iPad 3? Anyone want to take bets?

There are more - lots more - examples of 'moronic limitations' in iOS devices (and pretty much everything else you buy to be honest). The problem with the limitations in iOS devices is that I feel that the limitations are deliberate and that Apple wants to sell me a decent product, but over a number of upgrades. From a marketing point of view that's great ('keep em wanting more') but from a user point of view (especially a power user) it feels like being sold a good product a piece at a time.

Share you most annoying product 'moronic limitation' - it doesn't have to be Apple related, it can be anything that annoys you!