DevOps offers big programming productivity gains, says report

Organisations in the UK should expect to be able to introduce new applications software up to 33 percent faster using DevOps – and the software should be better to.

Software developers are achieving more efficient and speedy development through the use of DevOps methodology, according to research.

DevOps — the combination development and IT operations —  is a software development ethos that emphasises collaboration and integration between the software developers creating applications and the IT operations team who maintain those applications in production environments; two groups who often treat each other with, at best, suspicion and, at worst, downright hostility.

According to the research by CA Technologies, TechInsight Report: What smart businesses know about DevOps, 58 percent of companies in the UK say that pressure from the business is the main driver behind DevOps. This figure is 19 percent above the European average.

It said DevOps has helped organisations to improve the quality of deployed applications by more than 21 per cent, while cutting spending on development and operations by 17 per cent.

The financial opportunity for UK organisations is significant as respondents report a 22 per cent improvement in business using DevOps, in the form of more new customers, increased revenue and increased collaboration between departments.

Some 88 per cent of UK organisations say there is now a greater need for DevOps strategies than there has been in the past with some 60 per cent saying they are either planning or have already adopted an DevOps approach or methodology.

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