Diagnose and Repair your PC from your Android phone with Live Gooroo

Remove some of the most hated Spyware out there, using this unique Android app

The folks over at Live Gooroo have come up with a way of diagnosing and repairing most problems that plague your PC today. While that in itself would be noteworthy, the part that's really interesting is that they diagnose and repair your PC via an app on a connected Android device.

The App, Live Gooroo PC Repair, comes in both a free and $14.99 version, and offers the user the ability to diagnose, trouble shoot (via a Tools and Help area), and Report and Repair a PC problem. According to the company, the free version will provide diagnostics and tips, whereas the full version will offer up multiple repair and diagnostic routines.

What I find most impressive about the app is how it claims to remove some of the worst Spyware out there (see their list). I've spent far too many hours trying to remove some of the ones on the list, and according to the company, since the phone is connected and is not part of the infected operating system, Live Gooroo can remove most of the painful ones out there.

I'm currently spyware and virus free, and my machines are running perfectly, so I can't test this first hand. That said, if you happen to download either the free or paid version, please post your results in the comments below.

You can also watch the video of the App below, though the video doesn't show the App running any repairs, unfortunately.