Did Apple iPad 2 availability have you walking out the door with a different model?

The Apple iPad 2 is out of stock in most areas of the country and I know some of us ended up walking out the door with a model different than what we planned to purchase.

As I wrote about on Saturday, I was able to find an Apple iPad 2 at Wal-Mart on Friday and as you can read the model I bought was at the opposite end of the spectrum from what I intended to buy. I made calls all weekend and could not find a single iPad available in the Puget Sound area, but this isn't that surprising since this is an area heavily into technology and supplies were likely limited. I am curious to know if you purchased a different iPad 2 than what you intended based on availability or some other last minute reason.

Looking at the poll in my post the other day about the two 3G options for the iPad here in the US, we see that there is nearly a three way tie for the AT&T 3G, WiFi only, and no iPad 2 choices with the Verizon 3G one at 18%. This matches my in-store experience where there were a couple of Verizon 3G ones still available at Wal-Mart after I bought the last AT&T 3G model.

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My first generation iPad was a 32GB WiFi model and I sold it to my brother about a month ago. I intended to purchase a 16GB WiFi model this time around and still have one on order from Apple. After finding so many retail outlets sold out of iPads, my purchase plan changed and at the end of my hunt I was willing to purchase whatever was available. I ended up with a 64GB AT&T 3G model and after two days of use, I am quite happy with it and likely going to return my 16GB WiFi model when it arrives.

We are not sure if this weekend's iPad launch circus was a planned marketing approach, a rushed launch to beat other tablet competitors, or some other experiment planned by Apple. I was disappointed that there were no online pre-orders like there were with the original iPad, but Apple has changed their iPhone launches a few times too so I am not that surprised by changing selling methods.

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