Did Ballmer just say Windows 8 was coming to phones? No, he didn't.

Here's what he really said.

A comment made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer during Microsoft's annual meeting of shareholders today has resulted in a flurry of speculation that Microsoft is planning to put Windows 8 onto phones. But is that really what he said?

Well, we have a tape (isn't there always a tape?). Here's what Steve Ballmer actually said:

'We've got broad Windows initiatives, driving Windows down to the phone. With Windows 8 you'll see new form factors powered by Windows ...'

Ballmer said 'Windows,' not 'Windows 8.' My interpretation of this is that Ballmer was talking about Windows as an ecosystem, not Windows 8 as a specific platform.

So no, Windows 8 isn't coming to phones.

What do you think?

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