Did Google really trump Amazon?

O'Reilly Radar has the O'Reilly verdict on O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference "Diamond Sponsor" Google!

O'Reilly Radar has the O'Reilly verdict on O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference "Diamond Sponsor" Google!

SURPRISE? Google Maps "Street View" is AWESOME, and the O'Reilly inside verdict is spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere:

This morning Google gave their 2D maps an incredible realworld addition. Its a street-view, that in certain cities, will let you get a street side view of the area you are currently in. This is not just a static, A9-style image. It will also let you move along the street in a smooth manner and even more amazing it will let you change your angle and continue moving that way.

"Program Chair" Brady Forrest emphasizes: Go.Check.It.Out.Now.

(Also: Web 2.0: Is O’Reilly’s vision a keeper? Amazon vs. Alexaholic)

If its the Googley way, than it is the good way! Of course, the Googley way just could be based on the Amazon way, given that Amazon's original A9 chief, Udi Manber, moved over to Google last year.

Moreover, a Conference Chair's appreciation for the technological particulars of a top sponsor's product may be imperceptible to the typical user of the product.

The image below of Google's Street View is reminiscent of A9's Block View images.


I attended a Manber presentation on his introduction of A9's "Block View" for Amazon at a Kelsey Conference.

I asked Manber about user privacy implications; What if an unsuspecting citizen is "caught" on the Street? Manber, not surprsingly, said that feedback had only been positive, but suggested that a takedown process was available.


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