Did you know you can use your Facebook page for hiring?

Social hiring site SmartRecruiters.com has created a Facebook app that lets SMBs add hiring information to their Facebook business page.

Many of us traditionally think of LinkedIn as the social network to go "business" networking activities such as checking out potential job candidates or finding people who might know people you are trying to recruit.

But SmartRecruiters.com, a social hiring platform company with $5 million in backing from Mayfield Partners, is encouraging small businesses to reconsider that mindset and use its Facebook "Careers Tab" for recruiting and hiring socially.

SmartRecruiters.com is a Web site that connects with Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and other hiring services. Its role is to help distribute this information, said Jerome Ternynck, CEO of the company. "We will connect with your social network and distribute information to everyone in the right places," he said.

Traditionally, the SmartRecruiters information would be displayed in a widget that you could add to your Web site. The Facebook integration turns the information into a tab for your company's Facebook business page.

The tab shows the sorts of information that you would expect, such as the positions that might be open within an organization. But it also helps visitors and fans see important social connections, such as whom they might already know within a company they are researching. Potential recruits can also throw their hat in the ring for positions that haven't been posted, letting your company know that they might be interested in working for your company in the future.

Here's an example of a SmartRecruiters Careers Tab:

Being that I always worry about keeping my work and personal lives separate on Facebook, I asked Ternynck what measures are in place to protect personal information. His answer is that SmartRecruiters.com will never share information that a person hasn't explicitly authorized as public. He also suggested that sending a resume from Point A to Point B is far more insecure than submitting through the SmartRecruiters.com site.

SmartRecruiters.com earns its revenue from the job posting sites; so, there is no additional fee for a small-business owner other than the original online job posting you might already have placed.