DigiPhone first to dial into conference calls

DigiPhone Europe today launched into the emerging Internet phone software market with the first product capable of handling conference calls.

Competing with Quarterdeck's WebTalk (£50 + VAT) and Intel's free Internet Phone, DigiPhone (£25 including VAT) and DigiPhone Deluxe (£40 including VAT) are full duplex with features including caller identification, call screening, encryption and adjustable compression. The Deluxe model also has conference call, voice mail and speed dialing features and a bundled copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

"With DigiPhone, you don't have to dial into one of the 175 IRC chat rooms as you do with other products, so there isn't all the background noise," said Jason Conway, commercial director of DigiPhone Europe. "Our customers include home users, businesses and a large number of stock brokers," added Conway.

A spokeswoman for Intel said many of the other Internet phones aren't full duplex and suffer from a six-second delay.

DigiPhone Europe can be contacted by telephone on 0171-935 5996.