Digital hits HiNote with value notebook line

Digital this week furnished its HiNote range of notebooks with four value line models aimed at business users.

The entry-level HiNote VP 510 (£1,600 + VAT) is a 100MHz Pentium-based machine with 8Mb RAM, 1.08Gb hard drive, and 11.3-inch dual-scan screen. At the top of the range is the HiNote VP 535 (£3,000 + VAT), a 133MHz Pentium-based notebook with 8Mb RAM, 1.44Gb hard drive, 12.1-inch TFT screen, six-speed CD-ROM drive and 115Kbits/sec infra-red capabilities.

The notebooks come pre-installed with Digital ClientWorks network management software and a choice of operating systems. All models are available now.

"Prices will come down next Monday, in response to Toshiba's [notebook launches last week], so watch this space." said Tony Bunn, Digital's mobile products marketing manager. The launch comes a week after Toshiba announced seven new notebook models and Dell dropped the price of its 133MHz Latitude notebook line.

Digital can be contacted by telephone on 0345-227228.