Digital media makes Bluetooth beeline for TV

Sony Ericsson has launched a Bluetooth device that plays mobile-device digital media on hi-fi systems and TV sets

Sony Ericsson on Tuesday launched a megapixel camera phone and a Media Viewer that allows users to play digital media files stored on a Bluetooth-enabled device through their television set, hi-fi or digital projector.

The MMV 100 plugs directly into a TV or a hi-fi system and connects to any Bluetooth devices -- such as mobile phones, PDAs and laptops -- that are in the room. Unlike traditional Bluetooth devices that can only pair with one device at a time, the MMV 100 can handle several connections, so that numerous devices or users can share data, play MP3s or run presentations on the chosen appliance.

According to a Sony Ericsson statement, the Media Viewer "can be used as a fun way to share images with families and friends or as a lightweight business accessory for slide shows. Images and audio are transferred from the phone by one simple touch of the phone keypad."

Sony said although the MMV 100 will work with most Bluetooth products, the functionality may differ according to the device. A SCART cable is required to connect to a TV and standard RCA cables can be used with hi-fi systems.

Sony Ericsson also announced the release of the S700 tri-band mobile phone, with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 2.3-inch TFT colour screen and three modes of operation. With the phone closed, users can view messages and make calls; turn it over and it functions like a standard camera. The unit also opens up and acts like a normal mobile phone.

The handset functions as an MP3 music player and supports the MemoryStick Duo. It also includes a 3D gaming engine from Hi Corp and runs Java.

Hiroshi Yoshioka, head of GMS/UMTS at Sony Ericsson in Japan, said in a statement: "The S700 will revolutionise the phone market by introducing cutting edge mobile phone technology from Japan to a new group of users.

The MMV 100 will not be available until the end of the year but the S700 phone should hit the shops before summer.