Digital Realty opens new Sydney datacentre

Digital Erskine Park II in Western Sydney is the fifth Australian facility operated by the California headquartered company.


Digital Realty has opened its fifth Australian datacentre, with the new 7,000 square metre facility located in Erskine Park, approximately 40 kilometres west of Sydney's CBD.

The new 17.4MW facility is the second datacentre the San Francisco-based company has in the area, with Digital Erskine Park II connected to the existing facility, Digital Erskine Park I. The company also announced plans on Thursday to add a third facility, Digital Erskine Park III.

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Digital Realty has acquired an additional 1.4-hectare land parcel in Erskine Park for the new facility that is expected to add 12 megawatts of capacity to the Digital Realty Erskine Park Connected Campus upon completion.

The company now boasts three completed datacentres in New South Wales, with one in Macquarie Park added via acquisition in 2013, and two in Victoria.

The new facility will be connected via dark fibre to the existing facilities on the Digital Realty Erskine Park connected campus and will also connect directly to PIPE-IX, touted by company as the second-largest internet exchange in Australia, housed within the Digital Realty Erskine Park connected campus.

"Sydney's status as a global hotspot for innovation, and a key city for multinationals as they touch down into the Asia Pacific region, makes it a critically important destination for us," Digital Realty CEO A. William Stein said.

"This facility will serve the community well as a strong addition to Sydney's data and technology infrastructure, which is increasingly under-resourced due to the rapid growth of inbound business and the regional digital economy."

The new facility has adopted a handful of environmental impact minimising solutions, specifically where cooling the datacentre is concerned. It also features lithium ion battery technology, which the company said provides better performance within the datacentre than traditional lead acid batteries.

Vertiv is supplying power, cooling, and uninterruptable power technology to the facility.

Design and planning work for the new 12MW Digital Erskine Park III facility is expected to begin shortly, with incremental capacity scheduled to be delivered by 2020, subject to planning approval and customer demand, the company added.

Digital Realty currently owns and operates 198 facilities across 32 global metropolitan areas. In addition to its Sydney and Melbourne presence, Digital Realty's APAC network also includes datacentres in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Osaka.


Digital Realty breaks ground on new Western Sydney datacentre

The new facility will be the company's fifth datacentre in Australia, with two facilities already in both New South Wales and Victoria.

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