Digital revolution does indeed hit the newsstand

The iPad newsstand is generating $70,000 per day, a healthy revenue for the starving publishing business.

The newspaper industry is still reeling with dropping circulation and has tried to find an alternative source of revenue to protect its turf. A new study by Distimo shows that for some publishers the digital revolution has hit the newsstand with iPad news apps generating $70,000 per day.

As TUAW points out, most of that daily revenue is generated by the three top publications, The Daily, New York Times, and The New Yorker Magazine. The daily revenue is generated by the top 100 iPad newsstand apps, so the revenue is spreading around.

The iPad newsstand only appeared six months ago so it is doing pretty well for this early point in its life. The publishing industry may not have its savior yet, but things could be looking a lot worse for the digital age.