Digital system to monitor a greenhouse gas in California

Methane emissions to be measured in California, a pioneering monitoring program in U.S.

Much of the fuss involving greenhouse gases and global warming has focused on CO2. But CO2 is not the only or even the most pernicious greenhouse gas according to some research. Ozone has raised concerns. And now California is going to become the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to measure methane emissions.

A Silicon Valley firm is making the sensors and created the software that will analyze the methane measurements in several locations. This has agribusiness worried as farms and livestock are likely major sources of methane emissions.

Scientists are watching closely because no prior research has tried to pinpoint the sources of methane emissions on a broad scale. In the past there's been speculation and some data showing melting permafrost in Arctic is releasing considerable methane. Methane is often a natural by-product of organic processes breaking down leaves, manure, etc.

The California monitoring is in compliance with a state law aimed at curtailing the state's overall greenhouse gas emissions.

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