Digital Web Business News: Weekly Report - Oct. 23, 2008

A couple weeks ago I kicked off this Digital Web Business News feature so that I could recap the happenings in the world of Enterprise 2.0 -- at least those that got my attention.

A couple weeks ago I kicked off this Digital Web Business News feature so that I could recap the happenings in the world of Enterprise 2.0 -- at least those that got my attention. Last week got skipped due to my crazy work travel schedule, but this week I'm almost back on track (just a day late). Before I jump into the list I'll remind folks again to email me should your company have any upcoming news announcements that they'd like to see in this recap. That said, here is a small sampling of Web 2.0 for business news that I found interesting from the last couple of weeks:

  • QikCom (not to be confused with officially launched its site and service last week. QikCom is another company to hop on the enterprise microblogging trail. While it's base business model seems similar to Yammer, the company is doing something a bit new and different -- it offers a "TabStore" where users can track competition and project management as well. There is a feature for "frequent numbers" as well but I do not recommend this as there's no security policy or FAQ on the site. (Update 10/23/08 9:22 a.m. QikCom does have an FAQ that includes its security platforms)
  • magnify360, which sells conversion optimization tools, has launched what it calls a Google Cost Optimizer, which is said to provide visibility into performance of campaigns and better optimization of landing pages or microsites. The company claims that the Google Cost Optimizer synchronizes in real-time to clients’ Adwords accounts and automatically responds to campaign changes, including bids, Ad groups, keywords and so on.
  • measureUP Place launched its site this week, claiming to offer a hub for identifying, discussing, debating and evaluating top of mind trends and topics. The company has an interesting concept -- post a constantly changing series of surveys so that participants can see how their viewpoints match up worldwide. This allows marketing departments, business development folks, and others, to do real-time trending research before making an investment.
  • Saba Software unveiled a "virtual classroom" at its Global User Conference this week. Saba Social, entering beta, is a new tool that provides technology to foster collaboration, communications, connect, create and govern people in a common community that aims to glean business value from social networking. Saba is providing a broad range of capabilities from wikis, discussion boards, ratings, governance, real time collaboration integration with Saba Centra for conferencing and collaboration to leverage trained and certified talent across the organization.
  • Zannel, a media sharing network, has done something interesting if not totally business related, in that it has released two channels for individuals to participate in political discussions via text message. Zannel's technology allows people to post multimedia content from anywhere, which is then available on over 800 handsets models across all the major carriers. The two channels launched include Politics Red and Politics Blue, which when updated, send real-time alerts to followers when citizen journalists post new video, images or text to the channels. The Zannel community has a mix of bloggers and accredited individuals recording various aspects of the presidential race, including backstage access into each candidate's campaign and local voter opinion on all of the latest issues.

Think this list is too short? So do I! If you have upcoming news that you’d like considered for this weekly report, make my life easier by either leaving a comment or emailing mediaphyter SHIFT+2 gmail DOT com or catching me on Twitter.

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