Dixons: It's Time to protect PC World

Dixons may take legal action in its dispute with Time over alleged confusion between PC World and The Computer World stores
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

British retailer Dixons looks set to take legal action in an attempt to prevent computer manufacturer Time from launching a range of high street stores branded as The Computer World.

According to reports, Dixons believes the consumers could confuse Time's venture with its own chain of PC World stores. Dixons has said that it is prepared to take the matter to court, but Time has denied it is attempting to cash in on the PC World name.

Time merged with fellow PC retailer Tiny back in January, after the latter went into administration. Time promptly announced that it would rebrand 150 Time and Tiny high street stores as The Computer World, which the company said would sell high-tech products such as peripherals and emerging technologies, as well as PCs. This launch was expected to take place in June.

As ZDNet UK reported, industry experts believed that Time was attempting to compete with the PC World chain, which with 107 stores is currently the largest computer retailer in Britain.

Dixons has claimed, though, that Time's choice of branding could confuse customers. The Sunday Telegraph has reported that customer research carried out by Dixons found that some members of the public believed there was a link between PC World and The Computer World.

Dixons was unable to immediately comment, but is expected to disclose more details of its complaint against Time on Monday.

Time has said that it is in discussions with Dixons, but has insisted that it would defend itself if the matter came to court.

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