DIY: Use rubber bracelets as cheap iPhone 4 bumper

The iPhone Guru points out a cheap, do-it-yourself alternative to the $30 iPhone 4 bumpers.

Remember those rubber bracelets that everyone was wearing a few years back? The ones like Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong" wristbands that you might have worn to look like you were cool and charitable? If you're an iPhone 4 owner, hopefully you held on to one of those because it could save you considerable cash and fix your antenna issues.

A bunch of new iPhone 4 users noticed right off the bat that there was something wrong with the reception. While Apple doesn't want to really take much blame for the new antenna design, they've offered some advice like not holding the newest iPhone in your left hand and the option of springing $29 more for the protective iPhone bumper.

If I'm already going to pay $199 or $299 for a smartphone, the last thing I think I should be asked to do is pay even more money for what seems to be a required accessory. But The iPhone Guru has thought up a cheap fix for the problem: slinging one of those aforementioned rubber wristbands around the device. I haven't tried this myself (as I still don't have the new iPhone and probably won't for a month), but it appears to work just fine and the quick-thinking idea getting some praise around the Internet already.

Think you might give it a shot?

[Image via The iPhone Guru]