Do you QWERTY or Dvorak?

How many of you have abandoned the old-school (and inefficient) QWERTY keyboard layout and instead use the supposedly more efficient Dvorak alternative?

How many of you have abandoned the old-school (and inefficient) QWERTY keyboard layout and instead use the supposedly more efficient Dvorak alternative?

I'm guessing that given the high number of alpha-geeks that read ZDNet that opinions on keyboard layouts will be split. 

  • Some of you will prefer the traditional QWERTY layout because it allows you to sit in front of any system and start tapping away (I would hazard a guess that people falling into this category won't be the type that make use of fancy split-style ergonomic keyboards and such).
  • Others will be drawn into the speed and efficiency that the Dvorak system offers.   There's plenty of evidence to suggest that the Dvorak layout is much faster than QWERTY and some people claim that it is better for you because it reduces/eliminates carpal-tunnel syndrome.

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I have to be honest and say that I'm sitting here at my desk typing this using the QWERTY layout.  I felt like it took me long enough to master QWERTY well enough to be able to use it.  The idea of trying another layout just doesn't appeal to me right now, partly because of the time I feel that I'd need to learn it - I'd either have to devote a block of time to learning Dvorak and stick with it or learn it over time and take a performance hit in the interim.  Maybe I'm overestimating how long it would actually take me to learn and that it's really something that I could do over a weekend if I set my mind to it.

So, are there any Dvorak users out there?  If so, when did you learn?  How did you learn?  How long did it take?  Why did you make the shift?  Are you seeing efficiency gains from the switch?


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