Do you want a Microsoft Kinect built into your TV?

Gesture-based TV control, anyone?

Rumors are circulating that TV manufacturers Vizio and Sony Microsoft is in talks with to integrate the Kinect motion sensing technology into next-generation televisions.

Do you want a Microsoft Kinect built into your TV?

The idea is that a Kinect-enabled TV would network with a PC (Windows 8 PCs) and also allow you to control the TV with gestures (I already throw a lot of gestures the way of my TV, so this could be useful).

The whole rumor hinges on 'sources familiar with the subject' so I'm not holding my breath, but it could happen. That said, if it does (and that's a massive 'if' right there), I don't see it making much of a splash.  The TV market is highly competitive and hugely cut-throat, and TVs are themselves low-margin commodities. When it comes to buying TVs, people have two metrics - How much is it, and will it fit in the space I have for it? Gimmicks built into TVs don't seems to fire up consumers and encourage them to buy and I doubt that bolting a Kinect into a TV would have widespread appeal.

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