Do you watch TV and surf the Internet at the same time? New survey says 59 percent of us do.

Are you watching a show on your TV now while you're online? (I am.

Are you watching a show on your TV now while you're online? (I am.) A new survey from Nielsen reports that more of us are multitasking this way all the time. According to the study, 59 percent of respondents, which works out to 134 million Americans, said they watched while surfing when polled in December 2009. That's up 4.6 percent from December 2008.

Perhaps a more telling finding is the amount of time per month we simultaneously surf the Web and watch the tube. It's an average of 3.5 hours per month, which doesn't sound like a lot, but that's up nearly a hour from the previous year. Additionally impressive, if unsurprising, was a 57-percent increase in the consumption of mobile video, from 11.2 million people in 2008 to 17.6 million by the end of last year. Respondents also watch on average two hours of video per month using their DVRs compared to 35 hours watching live programming.

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