Docker hires VMware exec to lead engineering

Marianna Tessel, credited with building VMware's engineering efforts in the enterprise, hops to Docker, which is portrayed as a VMware killer in some camps.

Docker, which is popularizing an open source platform for distributed applications and portrayed as a potential VMware killer, has hired Marianna Tessel from VMware to lead engineering efforts.


Tessel was vice president of engineering at VMware. At Docker, she will be senior vice president of engineering.

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, said in a statement that Tessel's "familiarity of the landscape and experience in scaling engineering team" will help the company build out its enterprise efforts.

Docker takes a container approach so code changes can be deployed quickly. Baidu, Groupon and Spotify are customers of Docker. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Google have started incorporating Docker.

Tessel was credited for VMware's collaboration on multiple fronts including integration between vSphere and OpenStack. At Docker, Tessel will support a Docker community that includes the likes of Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Red Hat.

Before VMware, Tessel was in charge of engineering at Ariba, which is now part of SAP.

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