​Docker notches up $95m funding boost to add more developer capabilities

Announced today, Docker Inc's fourth round of investment gives it a $95m pot to deepen integration with AWS, IBM and Microsoft and add new features.

​Docker Machine, Swarm, Compose: Now the orchestration tools roll out

Unveiled late last year in Amsterdam, the Docker orchestration services designed to facilitate multi-container distributed apps can now be downloaded.

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Container company Docker Inc says a $95m funding injection announced today will help finance further integration with the technology of major partners such as AWS, IBM and Microsoft and develop new capabilities for developers.

The series D round, led by Insight Venture Partners with existing investors Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, Trinity Ventures and AME Cloud Ventures plus new contributors Coatue, Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust, represents a significant step up from last September's financing, which raised $40m.

Docker automates the creation and deployment of apps in containers - a lighter-weight form of virtualisation. The idea is to free developers from software and infrastructure dependencies, cutting costs and creating efficiencies in the process. Docker Inc, the company, is the open-source platform's corporate sponsor.

Docker CEO Ben Golub said in a statement that the combination of strong product demand and the rapid expansion of its ecosystem has given Docker growth far beyond that experienced by most companies at the same stage of development.

"Over the course of the past six months, we've exceeded every growth milestone we set for the company and the community," he said.

"This type of financial support, in addition to the high calibre of this group of investors, provides Docker with the resources and guidance needed to meet the demands of all aspects of our community - from open-source contributors to Fortune 100 enterprises."

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The launch of new orchestration tools will simplify things for anyone trying to create and manage distributed apps made of multiple containers, according to Docker CEO Ben Golub.

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The company said more than 300 million instances of Docker's technology have been downloaded from its Docker Hub hosted service.

Dockerised applications are being used at organisations such as the BBC, Gilt, Goldman Sachs, Groupon, ING, Spotify and Yelp.

"Companies like these are often initially exposed to Docker by a few development teams that integrate Docker into their workflows and are able to immediately demonstrate the productivity benefits of the platform across the development organisation," Docker Inc said in a statement.

"These grassroots efforts quickly receive executive attention when, almost overnight, application enhancements take minutes when they used to take months."

Last month, Docker Inc acquired two companies. The first target was startup SocketPlane and its team of six to help add standard networking interfaces to Docker to make multi-container distributed apps more portable.

That acquisition was followed by the takeover of three-strong Canadian company Kitematic and its eponymous open-source GUI tool, designed to speed up the business of installing Docker on Apple Macs. A Windows version is due by the middle of the year.

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