Doctors warn of VR football injuries

Cyberspace invades realityOver-enthusiastic gamers have been warned by British doctors to warm up properly before playing virtual soccer games after a number of particularly nasty furniture-kicking-related injuries.

Doctors at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough are saying that virtual footballers need to take just as much care as real ones preparing for a match after treating injuries generated in a fit of soccer related passion.

One man recently fractured an ankle falling off a table while trying to score a goal and another received two broken toes as a result of an over ambitious goal attempt. Both injuries were sustained in a game where players wear a virtual reality helmet and attach anther device to their foot to enable virtual kicking.

An orthopaedic registrar who treated one virtual injury told the Independent Monday, "They have this sensor on their foot and they kick it, sometimes very hard. They can't see what they're doing."