Document: Judge's summary of iiNet trial has obtained Justice Dennis Cowdroy's summary that he read in the NSW Federal Court this morning. has obtained permission to publish Justice Dennis Cowdroy's summary — read this morning in court — to help understand the judgement of the iiNet versus Australian Federation against Copyright Theft court case.

The studios first brought iiNet into the Federal Court back in November 2008, arguing that the ISP infringed copyright by failing to take reasonable steps — including enforcing its own terms and conditions — to prevent customers copying films and TV shows over its network.

However, in a packed courtroom in Sydney today, Justice Cowdroy said he found that iiNet did not authorise the infringement of the studios' copyright.

In court, Justice Cowdroy reiterated that the following summary was "not a complete statement of the conclusions".

To download the document from the site, click here (pdf) .

Below is the summary he read:

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