DocuSign Ink enables personal e-signatures on mobile devices

DocuSign rolls out its personal electronic signature to consumers worldwide.

DocuSign is officially launching a new personal electronic signature app that should enable consumers to actually sign and return documents with their signatures more quickly and easily.

DocuSign Ink provides a few different ways in which users of the app can go about this:

  • Mobile devices: The Android app allows users to sign and return documents in a native Android environment. But iPhone and iPad users can go a step further as they can also snap a picture of a document with the device’s camera, DocuSign it, and send it off.
  • Browsers and email: Sign and return documents from any browser and all email providers by emailing documents to
  • Microsoft Outlook integration: Open any attachment to quickly and easily sign using the DocuSign Ink Outlook plug-in.

DocuSign Ink is designed to work with most document types, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs with form field recognition, all scanned and faxed documents, and all text and image files.

DocuSign Ink runs on DocuSign's global network, which already includes more than ten million business users completing over than 100 million transactions. As far as security goes, DocuSign asserts that the DocuSign ID Card protects the user’s identity and signature with a "clickable audit trail direct from the signature showing who signed, when, and where."

Although the release points toward support for Android devices as well, so far the DocuSign Ink app is only available for the iPhone and iPad, and it is free to download from iTunes now.

For a closer look at DocuSign Ink, check out the promo video below: