DocuSign prepping spring release after raising $85 million

It's time for spring cleaning, at least at DocuSign.


Showing the first hints of spring cleaning, DocuSign is gearing up for the next seasonal upgrade to the electronic signature platform.

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The San Francisco-based company is shooting for "'always on' availability" for the cloud-based service, meaning reduced downtimes (or hopefully, none at all) during periods of heavy traffic and/or disasters.

DocuSign plans to do this with a new architecture that rest heavily upon more datacenters saving transaction data and then syncing that among several geographical locations.

Another upgrade intended to streamline the customer experience is a refreshed user interface along with a new security appliance for managing document encryption keys within a company's own datacenters.

Introduced first on Wednesday, the the DocuSign Security Appliance is targeted toward healthcare, government, and financial services customers looking to use digital transaction management while satisfying industry certifications and protocols.

DocuSign's Spring 2014 release will be launching next week.

Existing paid DocuSign users (i.e. individual, enterprise, Real Estate etc.) can elect to start using the new interface as soon as March 12. Free users will be rolled over gradually starting the same day through August 31.

Many of these upgrades have been made possible thanks to a recent round of fundraising, which raked in approximately $85 million from nearly a dozen different sources, including Google Ventures, SAP Ventures, and Morgan Stanley acted as the sole placement agent.

DocuSign noted this latest round brings the company's total funding pool to $210 million.