DOE unveils new PSA on saving energy

The U.S. Department of Energy's new public service announcement urges Americans to save money by saving energy. Is the message strong enough to succeed?

The U.S. Department of Energy and the Ad Council on Tuesday launched a national consumer education campaign urging Americans to save energy and money.

Created pro bono by Texas-based advertising agency GSD&M, the public service announcement uses destructive imagery to link wasted energy with wasted -- well, everything else.

Here's a look at one entitled "Cliff":

Specifically, the campaign intends to spur consumers to seal leaks in their homes and use energy-efficient products. The above ad is the first volley in the campaign, striking a financial chord at a time of economic instability.

The ads direct viewers to, a site that offers specific tips on saving energy such as using a programmable thermostat or using Energy Star-qualified appliances. The ads will air using space donated by media outlets.

Like any PSA, the question is whether the message hits home (no pun intended) for viewers. This one didn't do it for me -- it used logic, not emotion, to convey its message.

(There's another in the series, entitled "Lightbulb," that shows a chicken roasting in an oven of incandescents.)

What do you think?

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