Does the AT&T HTC HD7S really have improved landscape support? Answer is NO

Some AT&T press shots show the Games and People hub in landscape, which is currently not possible on any WP7 device. Is this a mistake or an upcoming update?

I like my HTC HD7 on T-Mobile and as Andrew posted today AT&T and HTC announced it will be coming to AT&T as the HD7S soon. The HD7 is one of the most popular WP7 devices so it is great to see AT&T also picking it up too. It is essentially an HD7 with the NoDo update and nearly the same older tech, but I wonder if the screenshots posted over on Engadget are accurate because they show the Games and People hubs working in landscape orientation.

As you know the inconsistencies in dealing with portrait and landscape were a pet peeve of mine in the HTC Arrive from Sprint. We have not received any word that better landscape support would be provided in an update or on certain devices so I sent an email to my Microsoft contacts to see if this is simply an error in marketing images or if Microsoft will be providing better landscape support in the near future.

UPDATE: It seems that AT&T is just making up images for marketing the HD7S and there is not landscape support as shown in their product images. Microsoft confirmed that there is currently no landscape support for the Games hub.

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