Does your gadget lust extend beyond tech?

Does your gadget lust extend beyond tech into other areas of your life?

A while ago I wrote a post about a condition I call gadget lust.  Here's what I wrote back then:

All of the stuff that you're surrounded by was bought as a result of two core emotions - you wanted to gain pleasure or you wanted to avoid pain.  If you buy something because it is going to save you a bunch of time and make your life easier, you were avoiding pain.  If you bought something because you saw it and really had to have it because it was the coolest thing that you'd seen in the last 10 minutes, you bought it to gain pleasure. 

Gadget lust is a powerful sales tool.  Just look at how hungry people are for the iPhone, and very few people (outside of Apple anyway) know much about it.  That doesn't matter.  Gadget lust is working at 110% and people want it.  Tech folks certainly seem to love their gadgets!

But I'm wondering, since we have such a diverse cross section of folks here reading ZDNet blogs, whether for you gadget lust extends beyond tech into other areas.  Cars, watches, guns, tools, sports equipment, books, artwork, photography gear ... the scope for gadget lust outside of technology is huge.

I'll start.  I'm pretty sure that I buy far more flashlights and pocket tools that I really need.  I don't know whether it's because I find myself needing a flashlight and pocket tool regularly so I buy them so I have plenty around or what, but over the years I've accumulated a fair number of them.  I'm also partial to picking up cotton shirts.  Could be worse I guess, I could be hooked on Rolexes and Fabergé eggs.

Your turn.

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