Does YouTube really help children in Africa?

YouTube's King Hurley is determined to truly merit the world worship he receives. From Davos World Economic Forum to the U.

YouTube's King Hurley is determined to truly merit the world worship he receives. From Davos World Economic Forum to the U.S. Congress, Chad is universally celebrated as a world hero and he is regularly solicited as a beacon shining for the betterment of the world's fuure.

In U.S. Government to YouTube: WOW! But ‘Take that stuff down’ I review Hurley's "historic debut" before the United States Congress at the adoring hands of Congressman Ed Markey:

You are an historic figure, that is why so many members of Congress came today, an unprecedented high number of members, they came to see you.

Hurley apparently was inspired to justify the accolades and offered that the existence of YouTube videos help "children in Africa."

Hurley's YouTube may be trying to really spur some good for "children in Africa." 

In Google’s YouTube: Not so dirty little secrets I dispell the common mispereception that YouTube is a place (only) for young people to "broadcast themselves."

At the recent Advertising Research Foundation conference in New York City, I heard YouTube's Suzie Reider extol the universality of YouTube as a global video sharing destination for one and all, young and old. Even MBAs, apparently.

YouTube is running a banner campaign for "MBAs Without Borders (MWB)" (not "Doctors Without Borders," as the MBA headlined site is quick to point out). 


"Good business is sustainable development," so proclaims MWB:

Engaged in the field of international development, our mission is to contribute to the business and social development of upcoming nations through work rotations of MBA professionals.

Moving forward, we are very excited for 2007 as we expect to send 20 to 25 MBAs from around the globe (North & South) to over 15 new countries on projects that will bring light to new communities in India, bring better health care to locals in Pakistan, Zimbabwe and South Africa, build up fair trade markets in Rwanda and Ethiopia and our MBAs will continue to help build up micro finance institutions across Africa…all this and more as we continuing to…develop people and nations!

In general, we develop projects within five industries: Healthcare, Agriculture, Financial, Income-Generation and Climate Change. Within these industries, we partner MBAs with local businesses, international businesses and NGOs working to not only develop businesses, but also…people and nations!

BUT, are MBAs really hanging out at YouTube!

It may not even matter. In Why Google is more dangerous than Microsoft earlier today I dissect Google's "philanthropic" mission.

The number one search engine and leading Interent company with a worldwide "benevolent" mission aims to help solve the world's problems by donating AdWords clicks to deserving charitable organizations, as per a court order.