Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact for iPhone 6s Plus hands-on: Rugged, waterproof protection with minimal bulk

If you work and play in the field then it helps to have a rugged protective case, but they are often big and bulky. The Wetsuit Impact provides solid protection with little added to the size of your iPhone.

I'm always on the lookout for a good waterproof case for my iPhone 6s Plus so I can take it fishing, hiking, and running without worrying about destroying a very expensive piece of gear. The latest case I've been spending some time with is the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact.

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The Wetsuit Impact is availble in three colors (orange, black, and silver) for $89.95. These waterproof rugged cases are not intexpensive, but if you work or play out in the elements its what you need to help keep your device safe.

I used the blackest black color on my iPhone 6s Plus, but they also have cases available for other mobile devices too. Rugged cases are often way too bulky and complicated to install. The nice thing about the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact is that it comes in two pieces and is drop dead simple to install and remove.

Simply place the back of your iPhone down inside the back section of the case that extends up through most of the sides. The back is hard plastic, but there is a sticker inside the back that looks to offer some protection from scatches on the back.

The front piece snaps securely in place with a visible silicone rubber gasket set down all around the front piece. The case closes securely with plastic latches all along each side for a very secure fit.

An interesting feature of the front panel is the 9H flexible glass that is used as an integrated screen protector. Every other case I have tested with an integrated protector uses plastic that seems to take away a bit from the overall experience. There is a bit of an air gap between the screen protector and the iPhone display, but clarity is not impacted at all.

There is also an anti-reflective optical glass camera lens on the back. There is a protective piece on the Touch ID button and while I have seen it work perfectly with my finger, recognition is definitely a bit slower while my iPhone 6s Plus is mounted in the case.

The Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact is waterproof and shock proof to 6.6 feet (2 meters) and also resist dust, sand, and snow intrusion. It has an IP68 rating and MIL STD 810G protection. There is a rubber bumper on the edges to help with grip too.

There are raised buttons for power, ringer, and volume. Thick rubber port covers protect the Lightning port and headset jack. Each of these has a clear silicone gasket to keep the ports protected. Unfortunately, you need a headset jack extender to use your headphones, but since I recently moved to only using Bluetooth headset this isn't really an issue for me any more.

There is a lanyard opening and an easy removal slot on the bottom. Simply put a coin into the removal slot and twist it to separate the top and bottom halves.

Sound appears to be directed from the bottom towards the back of your iPhone. It tends to make sound a bit louder than being fully covered, but I noticed lack of clarity since the sound reverberates off the back and sounds hollow. I don't listen to the speaker on my phone when using a rugged case, but this could be an issue for you.