Doing Small Business Better: Working smarter

In the first video of our small business video series, the panel discusses what business owners can do to help themselves, and their staff, do what they do better.

Doing Small Business Better: Working smarter

During October, ZDNet will be running a series of videos from our recent Doing Small Business Better panel discussion, and first cab off the rank is a discussion on how organisations can work smarter instead of longer and harder.

For some people, working smarter means being incredibly efficient; for others, it means outsourcing the work they don't enjoy. And, in the end, how can doing tasks smarter avoid the dreaded business owner burnout?

Hosted by Andrew Griffiths, taking part in this panel will be Troy Eggins, managing director of Trojan TechGroup; Bob Greenup, managing director of BNI Sydney central and south; Peter "Ziggy" Tsiglopoulos, director and owner, 3P Financial Pty; and Lisa Conway, owner of Zing Business Coaching.

Check back each Wednesday in October for the latest instalment of tips and advice provided by our panel of small business owners and experts.