Doing some hiring? Mobile app 'time shifts' interviews

HireVue offers a service that lets companies push interactive questionnaires to candidates that can be completed on demand using smartphones or tablet computers.

Here's one for small-business owners who are challenged with finding the "right" time to interview job candidates. Recruiting and human resources company HireVue has come up with a mobile application for the iPhone and iPad that could help.

The HireVue App enables what the company describes as "on demand interviews" that allow managers to time shift interviews with job candidates.

Small or midsize businesses create the questions they would like included in the interview, and then post those questions as an interactive questionnaire through the HireVue service. Candidates can complete the interviews throughout the course of the interview period using their smartphone or tablet computer, and different hiring managers at the company can view the recorded responses (captured as a video) at their leisure. The interviews can be played by the companies and then rated prior to moving onto the next round of consideration.

Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research, said in a statement:

"Our recruiting benchmark research has found that mobile access to systems for interacting with candidates is important in 57 percent of organizations. HireVue's approach to embracing smartphones and tablets like Apple iPhone and iPad is a significant advantage for those organizations who are looking to reduce the time to hire that our research finds is a top-ranked metric in 53 percent of organizations."

The HireVue mobile app is free, but it is tied to using the HireVue interviewing platform. The company doesn't post pricing for that service on its Web site.