Dollar General uses 1010data for real time big data analysis

Merchants create an enormous amount of sales data. Analyzing that data to gather insight on customer preferences is challenging. Dollar General turned to 1010data for help.

1010data introduced me to one of their customers, Dollar General, so that I could see a demonstration of a tool Dollar General makes available to its suppliers. This tool makes it possible for those suppliers to examine real time operational and retail data from the over 9,500 Dollar General stores.

Although the Dollar General database included many tens of billions of records, the 1010data analytical tools, made searching through the data to find interesting records, linking the together to create some level of insight and then report on those findings as easy as working with a spreadsheet. I was really impressed how quickly results appeared to complex queries. During the demonstration I could easily see why this information would be extremely useful to Dollar General and its suppliers. Here are some of the uses that occurred to me during the presentation:

  • It would be possible for a supplier to learn what products are selling well by region, time of day ad other factors to help set their own production and distribution schedules.
  • Suppliers could learn what products from other suppliers ended up in the same shopping basket with their products. This would allow one supplier to work up cross-promotional agreements with these suppliers to increase the sales volume for both suppliers. For example, if a specific type of soap was often sold with a brand of mouthwash, each supplier could offer a coupon for the other product in order to entice customers to purchase both products together.
  • Suppliers could use the regional sales data to develop promotions that directly address customer preferences.

Dollar General learned that sales tended to increase at certain times of the day and that caused the company to change the store hours. The company's revenues increased as a result.

It was a fascinating demonstration. I could easily see the capabilities of 1010data being very helpful to companies in retail, distribution, healthcare, financial services and several other categories.