Dolphin Browser Android port appears in PlayBook's App World

We should start seeing more and more official Android ports appearing on the BB PlayBook so users don't have to side load these apps.

One of the apps I listed in my BlackBerry PlayBook side load post a couple of weeks ago was the Dolphin Browser. I just received an email informing me that the Dolphin Browser is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Keep in mind, this is the official Android port of the Dolphin Browser and NOT a native PlayBook app.

RIM has been encouraging Android developers to get their apps ported to the PlayBook and I am sure we will see a lot more apps appearing in BlackBerry App World over time. The web browser on the PlayBook is already quite good, but it is nice to see other alternatives that people can try for free. If you use Dolphin Browser on your Android or iPhone, then you might like the consistent experience on the PlayBook too.

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