Donovan Systems launch new Linux courses

Donovan Systems, the developer of 64-bit Linux systems, has launched a series of training courses to introduce beginners to the basics of Linux and develop Linux skills of IT professionals.

Donovan Systems, the developer of 64-bit Linux systems, has launched a series of training courses to introduce beginners to the basics of Linux and develop the Linux skills of IT professionals.

The three courses; Linux Fundamentals, Basic System Administration and Advanced System Administration are designed to meet the growing demand for Linux skills and certification as more organisations in the region move to open source solutions and the use of Linux-based software. The training will be conducted using Red Hat Linux, a popular version of the operating system on the market today.

After completing the system administration courses, trainees will be well-equipped to sit the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) examination and gain a widely recognised professional qualification for Red Hat Linux.

"The technical advantages of Linux are well understood, but open-source computing also means exciting opportunities for IT professionals," said Donovan's Chief Executive Officer, Gary Foong. "Linux powers about 25 per cent of the world's servers and 30 per cent of all public Web sites, so Microsoft-based knowledge is no longer enough."

The two-day Linux Fundamentals course is designed for people who want to explore Linux as an alternative operating system within their enterprise. It covers the technical features of Linux, its use and basic Linux commands, as well as system set-up and configuration.

The four-day course on Basic System Administration course is for people already familiar with the basics of Linux who want to administer Linux systems in an enterprise or SOHO (Small-Office Home-Office) environment. Participants will learn about Linux installation on a SPARC or Intel system, how to set up and configure file and printer resource sharing with Linux, add or modify user accounts, as well as configure network services on a Linux workstation.

The Advanced System Administration course delivers core skills to experienced Linux system administrators and Linux network administrators in a five-day programme. It focuses on how to integrate Linux workstations and servers in a heterogeneous environment, security, server optimization and enabling system services.

The new Linux courses are part of a broader initiative by Donovan Systems to help end users, IT professionals, software developers and students become more familiar with the Linux environment. In addition to offering training, Donovan Systems has set up special Linux labs in tertiary institutions in Asia and also supports a "Web portal" where developers can exchange information and download software resources.

About Donovan Systems

Donovan Systems designs and manufactures 64-bit Linux servers, which run on Linux and are powered by the Sun UltraSPARC 64-bit chip. A pioneer in 64-bit Linux development in Asia, Donovan has established, a web portal site to encourage software developers, hobbyists and students to port or develop applications for 64-bit Linux systems.

Founded in 1991, Donovan has its corporate headquarters in Singapore, with research and development, and manufacturing facilities. The company has offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and in the Silicon Valley