Double decker bus sprouts arms, does push ups

It moans and groans too as you'll see in this video, complete with a yin yang philosophy of the infamous energy sapping exercise. Perfect for the Olympics.

Up and down on the double decker. This bus does push ups.

For a light hearted break from the nuclear discourse I've been bringing you here on the SmartPlanet energy blog, check out the energetic exertions of a groaning double decker bus in London. The YouTube video below comes David Cerny, a Czech sculptor.

Cerny is also either a great mechanic, or knows one, as he get 6 tons of bus to perform what you might expect to see an aspiring NFL running back do at training camp starting this week. On the eve of the London Olympics, Cerny gives us wonderfully wry, dry, yin yang push up philosophy.

"The thing about the push up is, in the one hand it's training and exercising for sport activities, but at the same time it's a punishment in whatever - army, probably prison," he says. "So it's in a way very ironic of course."

YouTube video posted by mixedbagofgoods. Image captured from the video.

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