Download SmartPlanet's iPhone, Android apps

SmartPlanet is proud to announce the availability of our first mobile apps for Apple's iPhone and Google Android-based smartphones. Download them here!

The wait is finally over.

Almost two years since we published our very first post on SmartPlanet, we're happy to announce that you can -- finally! -- read all the smart news and opinion natively on your Apple iPhone or Google Android-based smartphone.

On-the-go SmartPlanet readers have known for a long time that you could get all the good stuff SmartPlanet publishes through our mobile site. But that site, while wonderfully simple, has always left something to be desired -- especially as smartphones have gotten more powerful and capable.

That's why we're buzzing here at SmartPlanet HQ about our new apps.

A quick summary of what they offer:

  • Latest news, arranged in reverse chronological order
  • Most popular posts
  • Posts by blog
  • Posts by author

Effectively, the apps are our way of taking another step in reinforcing our mobile experience.

Download them here:

For now, there's no video or TalkBack capability -- we wanted to get these out the door and into your hands as fast as we could. (We plan on adding these features at a later date.)

Now it's your turn. Download the apps, and use the feedback link in the "More" section to tell us what bugs we've missed and what features you'd like to see.

Our apps are only as good as our audience, so please drop us a line and let us know. (And don't forget to show us the love by rating the app!)

Happy Monday from New York & San Francisco,

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