Dreamforce: Innovation among the internet of things and customer stories

Long time friend Vinnie Mirchandani and I discussed pieces of the content in Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce.com's keynote.

Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce.com spent a good amount of his keynote showcasing customer success. He stressed the importance of ensuring that that the customer's voice is heard loud and clear. Vinnie Mirchandani and I like that approach. It always runs the risk that a customer will be less than 100% enthusiastic about a vendor's solution. That matters far less than the authenticity a customer brings to the table in any negotiation. Salesforce.com is one of a rare handful of vendors that 'gets' this point. It is a great play to make when you have some 85,000 people registered at your conference. 

Salesforce.com's new emphasis upon the 'internet of things' is well positioned. Vinnie has been on a tear about this topic for some time and his new book The New Terchnology Elite, emphasises the pace at which customers are enthusiastically developing solutions that not only help themselves but can be turned into market opportunities in their own right. Again, we talk about some of those innovations and the direction they're taking.