Dreamliner problems hold back cheap, long-haul flights

The one thing making cheap long-haul flights possible is the one thing holding them back.
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Because Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is so efficient, Ethiopian Airlines is claiming the aircraft is leading to increased profits while Norwegian Air Shuttle is betting that the jet will make it possible for budget, long-haul flights to be successful (which hasn't been the case in the past).

But the one thing that's making cheap, intercontinental flights a smarter business move is the one thing holding these flights back, Wall Street Journal reports:

Norwegian Air Shuttle's recent push into the long-haul segment hit more turbulence over the weekend as the low-cost airline encountered additional technical problems with its new fleet of Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliners, the second time in one week the airline has had to scramble to respond to problems with the jets.

The flight, from Oslo to Bangkok, eventually made the trip a day later and, apparently, the issue has been fixed.

But seriously, when will the "growing pains" subside?

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