Drobo combines SSDs, hard drives in SMB storage solution

The on-site data management technology includes new Automated Data-Aware Tiering technology that speeds configuration.

Not every small company is comfortable storing its data in a cloud storage or backup service, which is why there is ample room in the market for new onsite data management products such as the Drobo B1200i storage system.

The latest twist on Drobo's technology is its addition of Automated Data-Aware Tiering, which combines solid state drives (SSDs) and hard drives so that businesses can optimize application performance for certain databases while treating others like archives.

Drobo's big differentiation pitch is the fact that its system is designed to optimize performance across your organization's entire array of business applications including VMware, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V and others without requiring lots of complicated configuration. The company's Automated Data-Aware Tiering function runs that optimization automatically when your company adds two or three SSDs.

A fully loaded Drobo storage system with 18 terabytes of hard-disk drives plus three SSDs with a capacity of 600 gigabytes carries a list price of less than $18,000.

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