Dropbox adds Facebook sharing

Dropbox has integrated Facebook into its service. The addition means you can connect your Dropbox account with Facebook and then share folders with your Facebook friends. The feature is optional.

Last week, Dropbox announced Facebook integration. All you have to do is go to the Dropbox Share page and sign in with your Facebook account. When you pick a folder you want to share, you can then enter a friend's Facebook name, in addition to entering an e-mail address or Dropbox username.

The feature was announced on Thursday on Facebook:

Pssst! Now you can invite your Facebook friends to Dropbox shared folders. http://dropbox.com/share

Ironically, I only noticed it today, when Dropbox announced the new addition on Twitter:

Pssst! Now you can invite your Facebook friends to @Dropbox shared folders. http://dropbox.com/share

The company again followed up on Facebook today:

In case you missed it, now you can share folders with your Facebook friends! Check it out: http://dropbox.com/share

Many Facebook users will find this feature useful since it means they don't have to deal with copying and pasting e-mail addresses or trying to remember Dropbox user names. Unfortunately, there's still quite a bit of manual work involved since there is no way (yet?) to share a folder with an entire friend list or a Facebook Group.

Facebook haters will of course shun it, but the good news for them is that this is an optional feature. Either way, Dropbox will likely reach an even larger audience thanks to this addition, especially since in order to view the contents of the shared folder, your Facebook friend must register for his own Dropbox account.

The same day Dropbox announced the new Facebook feature, it acquired Cove, another startup that develops great tools for sharing and indexing your stuff across groups of people. Here's an excerpt from the Dropbox blog:

Akhil Wable will add some engineering experience and muscle to the team. Akhil was one of the architects of Facebook’s search system, and built much of their core infrastructure for storing a graph database. You’ve probably used a lot of his work if you’ve used Facebook Share or Notes.

Joshua Jenkins provides some much-needed relief to Dropbox’s design team, and was Cove’s sole designer. Josh has the unique distinction of being the only designer (out of around 20) to pass Cove’s insanely difficult hiring process.

Aditya Agarwal and Ruchi Sanghvi have been amazing advisors and friends to us the past few years, and we’re thrilled to make the gig official. Aditya and Ruchi both have legendary histories at Facebook (they were around when it was upstairs from a Chinese restaurant), and their experience working on products used by millions of people will prove invaluable at Dropbox. The two of them will be taking up senior roles here, and we’re stoked to have them aboard.

Sure, this could be a coincidence. Maybe this Facebook feature had nothing to do with the acquisition announcement, and maybe Dropbox won't be adding any further integration with Facebook. Somehow though, I wouldn't be surprised if the two are related.

Dropbox has 415,000 Likes on Facebook.

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