Dropbox swaps Teams out for 'Business,' adding single sign-on

The cloud storage provider is giving the business sector a stronger look as it swaps out Teams and goes full hog with a new label: Dropbox for Business.

It's a big day over at Dropbox with a major rebranding announcement as well as some new features to back that up.

First, Dropbox is giving the business sector a stronger look as it swaps out the Teams subscription option and goes full hog with a new option: Dropbox for Business.

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Dropbox team member Sheila Vashee explained a little about the new label in a blog post on Wednesday, reflecting that "ever since we launched the new admin console for teams using Dropbox at work, the name ‘Dropbox for Teams’ started to feel a size too small."

To recall, the San Francisco company launched that admin console back in February with new features at the time geared towards monitoring and managing mobile devices and third-party apps.

Speaking of new features, Dropbox also introduced single sign-on support today for these small business to enterprise-level customers.

Dropbox product manager Anand Subramani explained the nuts and bolts behind Dropbox's version of SSO in a separate blog post. Here's a snippet:

Once logged in to your system, there’s no need to sign in to Dropbox separately. For IT admins, SSO means additional security and administrative management. Single sign-on gives you complete ownership of the authentication process and works with your company’s existing password policies. It also easily ties into the existing Dropbox provisioning and de-provisioning API to provide further Active Directory integration.

Subramani also touched on the new Business angle, adding to Vashee's comments that "with all the changes we’re making to create a Dropbox that’s better for companies both large and small, it’s become clear that the name ‘Dropbox for Teams’ doesn’t quite fit anymore."

Dropbox is currently working with several identity solutions providers to roll out SSO to Dropbox for Business customers next month.

Subramani specified Ping Identity, Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, and Symplified as key partners right now.

He added that because Dropbox is using industry-standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), then customers should be able to integrate SSO with any "large" identity solutions provider already being enlisted.

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