Dropbox syncs up with Samsung Galaxy Camera, Galaxy Note II

Dropbox is spreading its wings with integration on Samsung's new Galaxy Camera as well as the Galaxy Note II.

Dropbox is expanding its reach for syncing content from anywhere with integration announced for the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note II along with the networked Samsung Galaxy Camera.

The cloud storage provider says that this latest Samsung integration further builds upon Dropbox’s mission "to make it as easy and seamless as possible for people to have their life’s work available to them, anytime, anywhere."

The onboarding process for both devices comes completely out-of-the-box. Once the supported device is registered, users can get up to 50GB of free Dropbox space for two years.

Also, for the first time ever, Dropbox boasts that the Galaxy Note II will automatically sync photos and videos stored in the cloud app via the Gallery application. Thus,as soon as the Gallery is opened, all of those photos should already be stored in and accessible from the user's Dropbox account.

Dropbox's efforts here build upon previous integrations on Samsung’s flagship model Galaxy S III as well as the Galaxy tablet range.

The expansion to mobile devices -- the camera, in particular -- represents a new direction for syncing and storing consumer content to the cloud.

Similar integrations are already available in other ways, such as photos taken on Android handhelds can be automatically uploaded to Google+ after being snapped.

But being able to wirelessly sync photos and videos to a cloud account offers Dropbox another competitive edge.

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