Dropbox to mix work and pleasure with new business version

The cloud storage giant is knocking down the walls between its personal and enterprise software versions, allowing a seamless experience between the two.

Image: Dropbox

Dropbox announced Wednesday a new version of its business-focused cloud storage service that will help bridge the divide between work and personal lives.

At an event at the company's headquarters in San Francisco, California, chief executive Drew Houston said the division between the consumer version and the enterprise version was "ridiculous."

With the new version, launching early next year, Dropbox for Business will tag files and folders as either "personal" or with the name of the company. IT administrators will control the work side of things, such as whether or not certain files can be made available on mobile devices.

New features will improve the cloud-based work-life balance. Photos that are uploaded automatically from a smartphone or tablet will sync to the user's personal cloud. And business data can be remotely deleted and wiped from a device when an employee leaves the company.

Houston touted the four million business users already using Dropbox for Business, with 200 million users on the regular account.

Around 97 percent of the Fortune 500 companies are using the cloud storage service, he said.