Got an iPad at work? Duet Display turns it into a second monitor for Windows

This handy app already supported OS X computers and now lets you use an iPad as a lag-free external display for your Windows PC.

Windows PC users that also own iPads just gained a new use for their tablet: With Duet Display, that iPad can be a secondary monitor capable of 60 frames per second.

Duet Display already turned iPads into external monitors for Mac OS X computers and as of Tuesday, the software supports Windows.

I was already using the app with my MacBook Pro so I gave it a test run using a low-cost Windows laptop. It works as advertised, capable of either mirroring my Windows 8 desktop and apps to an iPad Air, or extending my workspace across two monitors.

Here I have Microsoft Word for Windows shown on the iPad while I do some coding on the laptop.


To use Duet Display, you need a server app running on the target computer. That app for Windows is what's new today.

Of course, you need the $15.99 Duet app for iOS running on your iPad as well; the company is currently offering a 40 percent discount in the iTunes App Store to celebrate the addition of Windows support.

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With the server app running on your laptop, you simply connect your iPad to a computer using a USB cable. The Duet software will then recognize the iPad as a second monitor. You can use your computer's mouse to interact with Windows apps on the iPad or you can simply use the tablet's touchscreen.

Duet promises a lag-free experience and based on my past usage plus some additional testing today, I'd say it delivers. Even with the fairly limited hardware inside my $229 HP Stream 13 laptop, I haven't seen any screen hiccups or other issues.

The money I spent on Duet Display earlier this year was already worth it to me. There have been quite a few times when the addition of a second monitor to my MacBook Pro came in handy.

The new Windows PC support is now icing on the cake.