Duke of York marches to CeBIT

This year, British royalty is helping shoulder the IT industry's burden. That's right - Prince Andrew is going to visit CeBIT

CeBIT visitors, who traditionally grumble at the overwhelming size and inconvenience of the massive European tech trade fair, can console themselves that, this year, British royalty is also going to undergo the CeBIT ordeal. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, will visit on 19 March. The visit has been arranged by British Trade International, a UK body which supports international investment, and UK companies trading internationally. The Duke has been a trade ambassador (styled "Special Representative for International Trade and Investment") since he left the Royal Navy last year. He took up the role in October. At CeBIT, he will visit British and international companies, including Samsung Data Systems' newly launched UK operation. He will also meet academics developing leading-edge technologies at universities. The Duke's visits for BTI have included trips to support British business in New York, Bulgaria and the Gulf States, as well as visits to business and industrial communities in the UK. Later this year, he will visit Russia and Dubai, and present the 2002 Queen's Award for Export Achievement. Two years ago, he famously spoke up for British Web designers while on a trip to America.

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